Ingredient Checklist

Ingredient Checklist

When selecting a food for your dog, remember he is a meat eater – he craves meat, poultry and fish. Always evaluate a food by reading the ingredient panel. The first five ingredients will give you a good indication of the formula's quality. To really understand the ingredient panel on a pet food label, it's important to know what to look for and what to avoid.

What to look for:

A named animal based protein
as the #1 ingredient
– like
chicken, beef or salmon

Hearty and whole grains
such as brown rice, barley, and
oatmeal. These serve as an
energy source and help
support digestive health.

High quality animal-named
to complement the first
ingredient – like turkey meal or lamb
meal. These are a concentrated, dried
form of the meat, poultry or fish.

Named fat source such as chicken
fat or canola oil as they can help
support healthy skin and glossy coats
and a balanced immune system.

Fruits and vegetables such as
apples, cranberries and sweet
potatoes, as they contain
antioxidants and
vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Omega 3 & 6’s from
such ingredients like menhaden
fish meal, salmon meal and
ground flaxseeds also contribute
to a healthy skin and coat.

What to avoid:

Unnamed proteins and generic fat sources are ingredients to look out for in ingredient panels. Try to avoid foods with products listed as meat and bone meal, poultry meal, or generic fat sources like poultry fat, animal fat.

Meat protein substitutes such as wheat gluten, corn gluten meal should be avoided. We believe that protein should come from meat versus a substitute.

Corn, Wheat or Soy are incomplete sources of proteins that have been linked to allergic reactions in some pets.

By-Products should be avoided. These are often scrap material from the animal processing industry that can increase the percentage of protein or fat in the diets but may not be easily digested.

Artificial coloring and flavoring such as caramel color, FD&C colors are often added for the pet parent’s visual and smell appeal. These have no nutritional value.